On Form is as easy as 1,2,3 to use.
It has straightforward procedures to follow with the aim of producing forecasts automatically for your selected races.
You will be able to forecast races for the current day and also for the following day's races if you wish.

You will see from the screenshot below the steps required to arrive at an available race list.

Basically, all you need to do is:

Step 1: An available Course List has to be prepared by clicking Step 1 (Update Meetings for Selected Day) button.

Step 2: From the list of available courses a single Course at a time should be selected and Step 2 (Prepare Races for Selected Course) button clicked.
If you wish to prepare races for more than one Course this step should be repeated before moving onto Step 3.

Step 3: After you have completed Step 2 for each Course you are interested in click Step 3 (Goto Prepared Race List) button when you will be presented with a list of races available for the day.


Step 4: From the Race List select a race you wish to forecast and click Forecast Selected Race button.

The screenshot below is a Forecast for your Selected Race:

Against each horse a Form Level will be shown.
If sufficient data is available a Rating will be provided for the appropriate horse but there will be occasions when a race will have a mix of available data for each horse and on such occasions further consideration should be taken when betting.
There will, of course, be occasions when every horse in a race will receive a zero rating because of a total lack of data and such races should be totally ignored for betting purposes.
We do attempt to provide betting advice for a race but as each user of our software will have different betting methods and different approaches to betting you should use your own judgement.

If you are an enthusiast of multibetting or 'Dutching' as it is often called you may be interested in our Punters Paymaster or our Dutch Your Bets software.
Both of these calculators differ from most 'Dutching' calculators because they allow a lot more flexibility when calculating stakes required as you will see at the following respective links:
Punters Paymaster

Dutch Your Bets


Saving Forecast(s):
After a Forecast has been prepared you have the option to Save Forecast. Each time you save a forecast the forecast details will be appended to any previously saved forecasts for the day thus providing a single file with a list of all your forecasts for the day.
Saved files may be opened with a variety of software which will read a csv file format. In most cases, if you wish to keep records of results against the forecasts, you will use a spreadsheet.
If you wish to keep records and want to use a spreadsheet but you don't have a copy of Microsoft Excel you can use a spreadsheet included with Open Office suite of programs. It is totally free and obtainable from http://www.openoffice.org/