Architect software has been written with the aim of providing you with a flexible pointing platform which you can use against selected criteria for UK Mainland and Irish horse races. With so many horse racing systems in the marketplace having rigid rules non of them are going to work with every type of race. Architect empowers a user to set-up a library of settings against the type(s) of race you follow. Even a single racecourse can hold different types of race and Architect is not limited to the number of pointing levels that can be set-up for each one to meet varying ideas on the use of race criteria. Basically, the software comprises 3 main areas:

Race Selection


Setting Maintenance

Each day you use the software you will update the races available and apply a Setting to provide a Forecast for a selected race.

Initially, before being able to use the software in any depth you should take the time to set-up some Settings and applying Pointing Levels against the various criteria available.